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Spring Butterfly! [Mar. 11th, 2004|01:41 pm]
[music |Feel like making love to you!]

Wow, is it EVER spring time :-)
The birds are singing, the trees are whispering challenging words words to each other about who's gonna pop the leaves first, "Psst, whenever that squirrel come back in and blocks your holes with his nuts, blow all the air you have and maybe your buds will start coming out, Hahaha!" and the rabbits? OOooh they are busy making love so we can have those chocolate eggs for easter :-)

I just had lunch with the love of my life. I am really amazed at how far we have come along. In my experience, I have never gone this far in a relationship. Even though we don't live together, we have connected on a level I have never been at before. It's more than dating, it's more than liking a person, it's more than lust... it's a mix of all that and add the numbing of my toes whenever he kisses me...

THIS post I shall keep referring too whenever I'm PMSing and analyzing stupid little things, convincing myself that he doesn't love me. He loves me and I am in love :-)

Watch out it's Spring Time baby :-)

[User Picture]From: twisto
2004-04-21 01:23 pm (UTC)
Pleeeease update your journal, I miss you guys!
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